One-Stop Business Solutions

A company that markets and sells machinery, digital devices, furniture, survey tools, stationery, and systems needed in business and offices. As a One-Stop Business Solutions company, Datascrip is well prepared to meet today's sophisticated business needs.

Datascrip started out as a humble stationery store in 1969. The company continued to expand its product lines from stationery to office equipment, office machines, drafting machines, office furniture, computers and printers. In 1979, Office Systems was the company's core business. With its foray into information technology sector, Datascrip is now known as a One-Stop Business Solutions company.

Our Mission

Our mission is to become the leading One-Stop Business Solutions company. We market business products and softwares and offer business solutions to our clients and partners. We strive to achieve the highest quality standards of customer service and to satisfy our stakeholders.

Our Values

We believe and base our actions on the following values: Succeed Above Success. CARE - Customer Interest, Attentive, Responsive and Enthusiasm. SMILE - Share, Motivate, Improve, Lead, Efficient. CoCoCoCo - Communication, Cooperation, Coordination, Commitment


Datascrip is determined to have a more effective and efficient working operation to produce high quality products a well as to fulfill market needs. Therefore, Datascrip adheres to a certification standards as follows:

Quality and Service Standard Certification
Quality control is principal in business. Receiving ISO 9001:2008 certification is an international acknowledgement for Datascrip's success of maintaining a high standard quality service.

Environmental-Friendliness Certification
Datascrip is concerned about the impact of its business activities on long-term environmental preservation. Datascrip's certification of ISO 14001:2004 proves such a concern.

Work Health & Safety Certification
Human resources are valuable assets which support a company's success, and their work safety must be prioritized. Datascrip fully understands this matter and it has received the OHSAS 18001:2007 certificate, which sets the standards of a healthy and safe working environment.

Pt. Datascrip is registered as a supporting service company in the business activities of oil and natural gas. It is classified as non-construction business services of other services' sub-sector.

With network of offices in major cities in Indonesia, Datascrip is positioned to help companies with all their business needs nationwide.