• 440 Channels multi-constellation receiver
  • Integrated 10000 mAh battery up to 15 h operating time
  • 32 GB internal memory and 1 TB external storage supported
  • Multi access by Bluetooth, WiFi, Ethernet, serial port and USB
  • 8 threads of independent simultaneous data logging
  • LCD display and button for easy setting



N72 GNSS sensor provides advanced multi industry solutions to various demanding applications such as surveying, mining monitoring, geologic hazard monitoring, water conservancy monitoring, machine control, vehicle dispatching, etc.

With 32 GB internal memory, N72 supports continuous data logging for 15 years at 15 s interval. In addition, combined with the technology of circulating data storage and 8-thread storage, the up-to-date data can be recorded in various format. While for data output, local USB port, FTP push and web page download are all available for users.

N72 is easy to start by front LCDdisplay panel and button. Integrated Linux system also provides web page for users access to set receiver locally or remotely. User-friendly and function-completely interface will improve users’ efficiency all-around.

With its integrated 10000 mAh battery, N72 can survive continuous working for 15 h. Under the situation of power supply interruption, the internal battery can work as UPS, realizing the seamless working switch.

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