Leica Ultra

The Leica ULTRA provides our most advanced precision utility tracing system. Intelligent signal processing has been integrated with unique flexible operating modes. Selectable antenna and customised frequencies optimises your instru-ment for site specific applications.



Precision locating for utility tracing

Leica ULTRA Locator
The Leica ULTRA is a precision utility tracing instrument configurable for exten-sive range of applications and allows for 100 customised frequencies and shows direction to the utility through left/right guidance arrows and an on-screen compass.

Leica ULTRA Advanced Locator
The Leica ULTRA Advanced features Offset Measuring for locating target lines not directly accessible from above, a transmitter to receiver link and AIM tech-nology which analyses the surrounding area for noise, recommends the best frequencies and synchronises the transmitter output for accurate utility tracing.

Leica ULTRA Signal Transmitter – 5 WATT
A 5 WATT transmitter designed for the standard Leica ULTRA locator

Leica ULTRA Signal Transmitter – 12 WATT
An enhanced 12 WATT transmitter designed for the standard Leica ULTRA loca-tor that extends the tracing distance and improves locator accuracy in complex site conditions.

Leica ULTRA Signal Transmitter – Advanced
An advanced transmitter featuring a 12 WATT power output, communication link to enable synchronisation by the Leica ULTRA Advanced locator, external 12V power connection and dual output.


Leica Ultra Locator

Leica Ultra Transmitter