Myzox DGL-3D

  • High accurate 360° measuring
  • Digital direct reading
  • Auto-reverse of LED display
  • 3D Digital Circular Level
  • Data hold function
  • Angle and slope simultaneous display
  • 0/45/90° beeper function
  • Automatically turn off (5 min.)
  • Blue backlight of tube vials
  • 0 set function




DIGILEVEL 3D provides angles on illuminated display for better visibility, making an ideal for tasks in difficult or dark areas. Illuminated display rotates automatically for easy-to-use. Robust body protects from dropping, and hold button helps to record the angle values.

Audible indication for level or 0°, 45°, and 90° brings notification. Accuracy of level (+/- 0.1° at 0° or 90°) makes precision values. Users get precise measurements in degrees and grades with easy operations.

Simple Controller
DGL-3D has simple design of controller to increase operability. The big display shows angle, grade and indicator at a time without pushing the button.

2 Measuring Modes
DGL-3D switches to horizontal measuring mode automatically by turning the display upward. Circular level mode is used only as a guide. Tubular level is more accurate to measure horizontal level.

High Visibility
Digital LCD Display of DGL-3D shows the measuring value clearly. The tubular level of either side have back light to work on dark site.

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