Nikon AS2

  • Reff Number AS2
  • Tube Length 259 mm (10,2 in)
  • Magnification 34x
  • Image errect
  • Standard Deviation without Micrometer ±0,8 mm
  • Automatic Compensator Type wire-hung, air damper
  • Weight 1,8 Kg




The Nikon AS-2/AE-7 Series automatic levels from Tripod Data Systems (TDS) deliver performance, ruggedness and accuracy to help you get the job done right. Airtight and filled with dry nitrogen gas, they provide relia­bility in driving rain and high humidity.
Nikon’s world-renowned optics give you brighter, clearer images and an improved mini­mum focusing distance for working in close quarters. Plus it offers rugged construction and a unique wire-suspended compen­sator with air damper that automatically levels the line of sight and absorbs fine vibrations.


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