Nikon NE 103

  • Accuracy 5″
  • Dual Display, dot matrix LCD
  • Magnification: 30x
  • IP54
  • Continuous operating time: 48 hours
  • Weight: 4.6 kg
  • Liquid electric detection ±3




The construction engineering industry demands stable products that hold their calibration and provide reliable and accurate long-term performance. Using Nikon engineering theodolites, engineering contractors and surveyors are assured a high level of control and durability through many years of hard use.

The ergonomic keypad and display provide easy access to the powerful and accurate measurement capabilities of the Nikon NE-102 and NE-I03 theodolites. Large, easy-to-identify buttons provide one-button operation for key functions. A large text display area makes information easy to read and use on the job. This design provides for a very short learning curve and utilization within a matter of minutes.

Nikon Engineering Theodolites – Aligning Strength and Accuracy The Nikon NE-102 and NE-I03 engineering theodolites are an ideal choice for a wide range of construction engineering alignment applications, including alignment control, tilt-up walls, curtain walling and steel column erection. And, with an I PX6 waterproof rating, these ruggedly designed instruments maintain their performance year after year, even in the harshest of jobsite conditions.

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