Software – Gexcel

  • Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor
  • Gexcel Point R
  • Gexcel 4D Inspector


JRC 3D Reconstructor
The complete solution for top level applications, where all the advanced tools offered by Gexcel JRC 3D Reconstructor are required. The Gexcel solution mostly appreciated by research centers, engineering companies and educational institutions.

Point R
Discover the software for the 3D point clouds lidar data unlimited management. Perfect for construction, architecture, heritage, mine, tunnel, forensic, mobile, airborne, uav, bathymetric, sonar survey and geophysical.

4D Inspector
Worldwide known software for remote Focus3D control and for automatic 4D (3D+ Time) monitoring applications. Perfect for construction sites and tunnels control, industrial plants monitoring, stockpiles production control. 3D surveying with automatic real-time deformations check.